Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQ section is here to clarify answers to some commonly asked questions.

Question Marks


I just registered and I cannot login. Also, no one is responding to my Email!

Can I have recurring tasks automatically appear on my calendar and plans; like duties, etc?

State Standards

Can I request additional standards?

Do you support my State Standards?

Purchasing, Subscriptions, and Pricing

Can I get help creating my customized template in My Lesson Planner?

Is there another way to pay for my subscription to My Lesson Planner without going through PayPal?

Can an individual teacher purchase My Lesson Planner?

Do you offer a free trial on your software?

What if My Lesson Planner doesn't meet my specific Lesson Planning needs?

Lesson Planning

Can I copy or move my Lesson Plan's to different days?

How do I print my Lesson Plans?

How do I add State & National Standards to my lesson plans?

How can Lesson Plans be viewed from the calendar in My Classroom Connection?