Getting Help

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If you need any help, or if you would like to make a suggestion or two, please don't hesitate to let us
know. There is a form on the Contact Us page you can complete that will send an email to us. You can
access this page from any page on the blue header bar or on the home page. We are always here to

How to take a Screenshot

At times, our support staff may need to see exactly what is happening on your screen when you are attempting to explain a problem to us. It is most helpful if you can send us a screenshot. This tutorial will show you how:

How to take create a PDF or Electronic Version of your Lesson Plan

If you would like to send an electronic version of your lesson plan to another individual (Teacher, Principal, etc.), or if you need to save an archive copy of your lesson plan, this tutorial will show you how:

My Lesson Plan only prints the first page!

Start by upgrading your web browser to the most recent version. We recommend Mozilla Firefox: