Principal Workspace

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The Principal Workspace has all the features of the Teacher Workspace and more. You can stay
connected with your daily calendar events and your task list,, but you also have access to all of your
teachers' lesson plans right at your fingertips in a drop-down format

(in the top right corner).

To enter an event on the calendar, just enter the date, time (if applicable) the event, and any needed
notes in the green "Add Calendar Event" box. The event will enter on the date you specified immediately
after you click Save. It conveniently remembers what you last entered for easy entering of repeating
events. You can manage your calendar events by clicking on Manage Events at the bottom of the box.
You can also add milestones for teachers, and the event will show on every teacher's calendar--daily
counting- down the number of days until the milestone date.

The Principal Workspace also connects you immediately to many reporting features including attendance
and progress monitoring. To get to the student management , click on the box in the middle left.

The Tasklist makes it very easy to add,delete, and reorganize to-do items. As you complete the tasks,
the green bar gets proportionally larger. At the end of the day, all items checked off will be removed,
and each day will begin with a full red Tasklist bar.

If you are entering your students' absences on My Lesson Planner, the student's name will show on your
calendar with a direct link from your calendar to the lesson plans for the date the student was absent.

Our newest features will also show on your calendar on the date they are made available. You can turn
off this feature in My Preferences.

The Principal Workspace continues to grow with the needs of our principals. Feel free to use the
contact us link in the task bar to let us know how we can make the workspace conducive to your
building management needs.