Setting up Groups

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Set up Time: 5 minutes

If you group students for instruction, you will want to set up your groups in your lesson planner. With
your groups set up, you can write lesson plans based on the instructional level of each group and
document intervention strategies. Your groups can be changed as the year progresses.

Your first step is to set up your group names. Mouse over "Lesson Plan" in the header bar. Go to
"Management" on the drop-down menu, and then click on "Manage Groups" on the second drop-down menu.

Click on "Add a new Group."

Choose a classroom and add group names, and continue to add new groups until all your groups for all
classrooms are entered. Click "Save" after each entry.

When you want to see a list of groups, click on "Return to Group Management Home."

After you have added all the group names for your classrooms, you will want to add student names to
the groups you created. Mouse over "Lesson Plans" in the header bar, and go to "Management" in the
first drop-down menu. Click on "Manage Student Groups" in the second drop-down menu.

Choose a group to add students.

Click on "Add Students to this Group."

Click the arrow, and a list of your students will appear. Choose the student you want to add to the

Continue adding students to groups until all are added. When you are ready to go to another group to
add students, click on return to "Student Group Management Search." Students can be on more than
one group list.

Continue adding students to groups until all students are entered in all the groups for all your classrooms
that you need.

When you are writing lesson plans, you will have the option to pull any of the groups you have created
into your lessons. They will appear in a drop down menu. Make sure you click "Yes" next to "Show
Groups" in Preferences.