Setting up Students

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Set up Time: 5 minutes [for 1 classroom]

Setting up your students is not required to write your lesson plans, but it will be beneficial if you intend to
include groups or utilize the seating chart, reporting functions, or progress monitoring. If you teach the
same set of students all day, set up your students in one classroom. If you teach different students
each period, you will want to set up students for each of your classrooms.

To set up your students, mouse over "Lesson Plan" in the header bar, go to "Management" in the drop-
down; then click on "Manage Students" in the second drop-down.

Choose one of the classrooms you have set up from the drop-down menu.

Click on "Add a new Student."

Choose the classroom, type the name and any additional notes you may need to remember about this
student (i.e. GATE, RESOURCE, ELL, OT, etc) Then click "SAVE."

Continue to add students until all are entered. When you are ready to see a list of your students, click
on "Return to Student Management Search" and choose a classroom to view.

Student entries can be edited or deleted. Click on "Add Student" to return to adding students.

You can add pictures after you finish adding your students.