Website Updates

by / Thursday, 12 September 2013 / Published in News

The following list of enhancements have been introduced to My Lesson Planner:

A new Trash Can icon has been placed on the Calendar - drag + drop Lesson Plans and Personal Calendar Events onto it to easily delete them.
The Calendar now has buttons for Previous Year and Next Year to make finding Lesson Plans easier. You can also click the "Month" button to pull up a dialog box to allow you to jump to a specific Month/Year combination.
The Clipboard option is now available on Archived Lesson Plans.
The Lesson Plan Comments report has been revised with Search Enhancements and to display information about the Lesson Plan being commented upon, as well as a direct link back to view the Lesson Plan.
The Left-Side navigation menu is now hidden when in Lesson Plan Review Mode.
Lesson Plans can now be submitted for review directly from the Lesson Plan. Simply click the "Lesson Plan Review" icon to bring up the Review Controls and click the "Submit" button.
The Vocabulary Block on your Lesson Plan will now hide itself if no Vocabulary Words have been added to your Lesson Plan - this will reduce clutter and printing when the block is not needed.

We are always enhancing and improving the website based on your feedback. Just Contact Us to make a suggestion or recommendation!

My Lesson Planner Staff