Progress Monitoring / RTI

Progress Monitoring is the periodic gathering of data derived from assessments, measuring individual student academic progress toward essential benchmarks in learning.

We provide an easy mechanism for data collection, and documentation to show how students are responding to intervention efforts.

We Build Your Charts and Graphs For You

Document data on any type of assessment from a written test to an observation or simple checklist, and we will build your charts and graphs for you. Our detailed Progress Monitoring / RTI reports are colorful and can include the picture of the student. If you are utilizing a 3 tier structure, as in RTI, your graph will show color coded progress in each tier. Assess as often as you want and as many times as you need. Our reports will expand to fit your needs.

We Can Help You Understand the RTI Process

RTI can be confusing for classroom teachers.We help you every step of the way with information boxes defining tiers and components of RTI.


Versatile Progress Monitoring

Our Progress Monitoring feature can be used to chart and graph progress toward academic or behavioral goals. We utilize a simple 1 to 10 rating scale so that the progress of any skill can be charted and graphed. The highest score indicates the student has met grade-level expectations, or the established goal.


Powerful software, designed for simplicity.