District and School Features

We offer the features you need to fully support and manage all the schools in your District and School.

Includes all these great features!

District Features

District Administrators can view all teachers on the system to monitor policy compliance and gauge progress.


We Extend your Support Staff

Our goal is to make less work for you. Our support staff are available via email during the day, at night, and on weekends too. Your teachers have quick and easy access to us to get their questions answered no matter when they are planning their lessons.

We also handle all user setups and password resets, so our software isn't an added burden on your existing tech support staff.


Teacher Groups

Don't be tied down to how other software only allows you to see your teachers lumped together at the school-level.
We can group teachers according to your needs, such as grouping all 2nd grade teachers together, or grouping all Math teachers together. We can even setup a group specifically for new teachers or group teachers across separate schools in your district.


Lesson Plan Review Process

Our streamlined lesson-plan-review process allows you to easily accept, reject, and comment upon individual teacher lesson plans. It even ties into our grouping features so you can limit your review process accordingly.