We support a variety of built-in components that you can easily add to your lesson plans with a single click.

Examples of these components include: Blooms Taxonomy, Assessments, Essential Elements, etc.

By tracking these components on your lesson plans, you can later run reporting or searches to indicate lessons where those components were used. It is also useful for showing and charting the effectiveness of your lesson plans.

Request Additional Components

We can easily add your requested components that you need. Simply Contact Us and we will work with you to determine if these are components that are specialized for your District/School, or if they are components that would be beneficial to make available to the entire website.

Current Components (Last Update 03/19/2013)

Essential Element

Instructional Approach


Guided Reading Focus-Lesson

9 High Yield Strategies

Guided Writing Focus-Lesson

Blooms Taxonomy

Larry Bell Strategies

A+ Essentials

Five E Strategies

Instructional Technology



Marzano Instructional Strategies

Multiple Intelligences

AEMP Access Strategies

Literacy Strategies

Pocahontas Math

Pocahontas Science

WIDA ELP Standards

English Language Proficiency Level

ELP Language Domain

CRI Integration

Kagan Structures

OT Activities